• “Take the Show Outside”

    is a protective Enclosure for your favorite brand LED Televisions. Permanently place your TV anywhere you want to enjoy the outdoors: Patio, Pool, Deck, Outdoor Café, etc.

  • Impervious to Rain , Heat , Severe Cold and Dust
    "Take the Show Outside"

    is a great way for you to catch your favorite game AND enjoy your outdoor living area.

  • Finally,

    an affordable way to enjoy
    your favorite TV Shows,
    Movies and Internet Content


  • Perfect for
    Restaurants & Bars

    Attract more customers, display Specials of the Day, Promote Upcoming Events, Outdoor Television Viewing for your Patrons.

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We bring to your home an all weather television enclosure which will redefine entertainment

Entertainment as we all know is an inseparable part of everyone´s life, an all weather television enclosure helps individuals to enjoy their favourite TV shows and sporting events even when chores and guest or family entertainment takes them outdoors. Outdoor television has surely redefined home entertainment in major terms. As American consumers continue to watch television outside the family room more and more, these outdoor television sets are now slowly and steadily becoming a part of every American household. The popularity of these electronic devices is spreading extremely fast in other parts of the world too. Therefore there is surprising increase in the demand for a sturdy and long lasting outdoor television enclosure that brings the cost of outdoor television within reach of the mass consumer market.

360 degree view of the product

Take the Show Outside is a brand name that can be trusted blindly when it comes to the quality and durability of an outdoor television enclosure. These days there is a growing demand for enclosures as more and more people are investing in these consumer electronic accessories to be able to enjoy television where they want to enjoy life, outside. The website of the company is presently featuring the most exclusive and up to date version of enclosures that can not only help in safeguarding the TV but also aiding the user´s outdoor viewing experience.