Intermingling out of home environment with outdoor television

Have you ever sat on your deck or patio and wished you could watch the big game out there?  Or maybe you have lugged your TV outside to watch that big game, but dread having to lug it back inside when the game is over. What you need is an Outdoor Television that you can permanently mount where you want to be, outdoors!

The idea is not new.  There are plenty of all weather televisions available on the market, but have you seen the prices of the market leading all weather television sets?  They can cost 5x of a similarly sized indoor television.

“Take the Show Outside” Outdoor Television Enclosures is the affordable answer.  Take the Show Outside allows you to take a cost effective and feature-rich indoor LED TV and mount it outside where it can be enjoyed year round, without having to lug it in and out of the house each time you want to enjoy it.

Take the Show Outside Outdoor Television Enclosures are waterproof, temperature-controlled and affordable!  Place your 50” or less LED TV inside the enclosure and mount the enclosure outside, where it’s fun.  Now your outdoor television can be mounted in a fixed position, like above an outdoorfireplace.  Or you can put the outdoor television enclosure on an articulating mount that can swing to face the area where you want to be outdoors.  Don’t have a wall outside where you want to be?  No problem.  Choose one of our mobile stands that allow you to put your new all weather television (regular LED TV within a Take the Show Outside enclosure) wherever you want to be outside.  Roll it by the pool, roll it to the grill, roll it to the patio, the cart gives you the freedom to be where you want to be outdoors and not miss a minute of the action.

You, your family and your guests will love watching their favorite teams, shows and movies on a Take the Show Outside all weather television where it’s fun, outside!

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Take the Show Outside, Watch TV Where its Fun, Outside!

The word is circulating and people are excited.  New promotion coming in time for the Spring/Summer season, be on the lookout in this space and the homepage for a great offer.

Think Outdoors and I am NOT talking about this kind of effort….booooo!

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