Question: What TVs can I use with the "Take the Show Outside" Enclosure?
Answer: Any LED TV that has dimensions smaller than 45"W x 28.25"H x2"D and VESA Mounting Posts with of 400x400 or 400x200. NOTE: The respective TV Manufacturer, nor Take the Show Outside warrant the use of any TV in the system and the system is operated at the owner's risk.

Question: What are some of the Makes and Models of LED TVs that fit that profile?
Answer: A few models are listed here, we will update these as the dimensions and profiles are verified.

LG 50" - 50LA6900
Panasonic 50" - L50E60
Panasonic 50" - TC-50LE64
Samsung 50" - 50ES6100
Toshiba 50" - 50L5200U
Vizio 50" - M501D-A2R
LG 47" - LG47M660T
LG 47" - LG47LM620T
Panasonic 47" - TC-L47E5
Panasonic 47" - L47DT50B

Question: How do I mount the Enclosure?
Answer: The Take the Show Outside Enclosure can be mounted just as you would mount an LED TV indoors. Check out the Accessories page for Take the Show Outside Mounting options. Use a Fixed Mount for that slim profile look or use an Articulating Mount for the ability to change your viewing angle. Both the Fixed and Articulating mounts come with hardware to mount to wood, concrete and masonry walls. Don't have a wall where you want to use your Take the Show Outside Enclosure? No problem. Check out the Mobile Cart Stand that gives you the freedom to move your TV viewing where you want to be!

Question: How do I get a signal out to the TV?
Answer: There are many options available to get the content you want to watch outside. The Take the Show Outside TV Enclosure has waterproof External HDMI, USB, Coaxial Antenna, Ethernet Jack, and Left/Right Audio Connectors included. This allows you to connect a number of different devices to your TV, including: Cable/Satellite TV Set Top Boxes, DVD/BlueRay Players, Laptops/PCs, Tablet computers and Over the Air Antennas. The other option that is becoming more and more popular is to get your content over your WiFi Network in your house. Today's LED TVs generally have WiFi capabilities that allow you to connect to the home's WiFi network (no additional monthly subscription fee). Many carriers are now offering Wireless HD Set Top Boxes so if your outdoor area has a WiFi signal, alleviating the need to run another coax cable outdoors. Check with your Video Service Provider and your TV manufacturer for wireless options.

Question: Do I need to bring the enclosure/TV inside in the winter?
Answer: No. That is the beauty of the Take the Show Outside Enclosure. As they say, "Set it, and Forget it!" You can leave the enclosure outside year round. It will require power to the unit to keep the Enclosure temperature regulated.

Question: What kind of Warranty does the Enclosure carry and does that include the TV I choose to use inside the Enclosure?
Answer: For Warranty information on the Enclosure click HERE. Take the Show Outside LLC does not warrant the use of any manufacturer's TV in the unit. Furthermore, the use of a TV in the unit may void your warranty with the TV manufacturer. Consult your warranty information provided by your respective TV manufacturer. Use of the Enclosure product is at the risk of the user.