Waterproof Television Enclosure

Increase Your Customer Traffic and Profits….

Take the Show Outside waterproof television enclosures helps your business attract more customers. Its Digital Signage made easy and affordable.

Increase your seating area by attracting more people outside.
Increase check size by offering event viewing outdoors.

Take the Show waterproof LED Television Enclosures are the affordable way to utilize outdoor digital signage and watch TV outside, where it’s FUN!

If you are lucky enough to have pool side seating but needed a waterproof television for the area, look no further, now you have a waterproof television enclosure to let your guests enjoy while lounging poolside.

Bring in New Customers with Outdoor Digital Signage…

Draw-in pedestrian traffic by displaying Menus, Advertising Specials of the Day, and Promoting upcoming events. No worries if a sudden rainstorm hits, Take the Show Outside is a waterproof television enclosure that is impervious to the elements. Instead of mounting a static paper menu board, why not mount a Take the Show Outside Enclosure for a vibrant, dynamic display that makes your menu pop! The various video interfaces to the Enclosure/Television (WiFi, HDMI, USB and Antenna) allows you to have full control over what is displayed and when.

Digital Signage is sweeping the hospitality industry, but the costs of most outdoor solutions keep it out of reach of most businesses. Take the Show Outside is the affordable way to introduce Digital Signage to your business that will reap an extremely quick return on investment.

Turn your place of business into an outdoor hot spot where your patrons first think of to go to watch their favorite events with Take the Show Outside waterproof Television enclosures.